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Does anybody else hate it in this game? I loved it in Oblivion... but with this game I swear it bothers the hell out of me lol It's too close to your character, so I can't enjoy the world. I've only ever liked going first person sometimes in Oblivion, so it's going to be hard to change for this game. :/

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Hold right stick down

Move left stick

You're welcome
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I'd have to disagree. I hated Oblivion's camera, and felt this game's 3rd person camera is miles ahead. Did you know that you can change the distance of the 3rd person camera by clicking and holding down the right analog stick, and than moving the left analog stick back or forwards to change the distance that the 3rd person camera follows your character.
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You can set the distance of the camera to your character in 3rd person by doing the following: Hold in the right thumb stick and then use up or down on the left thumb stick. It saves your setting so you only have to do it once.
#6Godly_GoofPosted 11/11/2011 11:57:20 AM
just from the little bit of video 've seen of 3rd person it looked Streets Ahead as far as 3rd person camera control goes, though i cant make any true comparison without playing first which i havent yet T_T
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tpv is fine ... its the same distance as assassins creed and batman. I don't understand why people like those far away third person camera angles, they look like you're not even playing.