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5 years ago#1
In Whiterun, I talked to Adrianne Avenicci and she asks me to help her with some smithing. I help her smit a couple items, then she asks me to Craft Some Leather. I didn't quite catch what she said to do, so I tried crafting some leather, or improving it, but it won't complete the quest. Is there something certain I have to do for this portion??
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5 years ago#2
bump... lol
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5 years ago#3
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! this quest is bothering me lol
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5 years ago#4
Go to the tanning rack and use Misc --> Leather. That should make leather for you. There was a similar quest in the first village you come to I think.
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5 years ago#5
Don't turn it into strips
5 years ago#6
You first you need to craft a leather helmet and then improve it
5 years ago#7
My bro had a problem with that quest also, he used the tanning thing to make the required leather for the quest, and he couldn't turn it in, though I did it just fine, maybe a glitch idk for sure though.
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5 years ago#8
don't turn the leather into strips
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5 years ago#9
Find some wolf pelt to make some leather on the tanning rack
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