cant find exit to ratway(stuck for like 20 mins)

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5 years ago#1
i already found the flaggon but i just cant seem to get out of here. been walking in circles it seems. where is the exit to this place? i see it on map but cant seem to find it =/. how do u get back up on the ledge u dropped down from?
5 years ago#2
Assuming you're stuck in the Ratway Vaults like I just was, the way out is on the second level across from where you entered. It's a hidden away opening on the right side at the end of the second level hallway that leads back up.
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5 years ago#3
im stuck in the part right where the hidden hideout is, i cant get back to the city from there its frustrating =/
5 years ago#4
It would be impossible for me to explain how to get out of the Ratways I think, but i'm confused as to how you got lost in there in the first place. Especially if you went in there as part of the main quest to get 'X' out, because if you get to that person, they actually lead you back out.
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5 years ago#5
i was meeting the thieves guy down in their liar. now im trying to exit but i seriously cant find the door. and the map sucks in this game lol when i came in i dropped down from a ledge. how do i get back up on that ledge there isnt a way i can see
5 years ago#6
Across from where you fell down that ledge is a wooden bridge. there is a switch there on the wall to lower it.....i was lost for like 15 min and clairvoyance was leading me to a wall lol.
5 years ago#7
OMFG TY!!!! i thought that was a bridge i just didnt see lever. thank u so so much IM FREE
5 years ago#8
you're welcome
5 years ago#9
Seriously! So annoyed!
I got stuck here as well last night.
Finally turned off in anger.
Evidently my settings are 'just' too dark to see that bloody lever!

Thanks so much for the assist!
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  3. cant find exit to ratway(stuck for like 20 mins)

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