Skyrim's tourist guide for the arachnophobic (please, don't mock) - keep bumped

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After my other topic, and since now I get my copy of the game, I decide help everyone with the same problem I have, writing about the places of Skyrim I already explore and if they are "spider-free" or not - spoiler free, of course - , so you can play without worry about that every cave you enter.

If you can or want talk about your explorations too here.

Well, let's get started:

Tutorial: you find several " medium" spiders in a cave dropping from the celling

Bleak Falls Barrow: in the quest to retrieve the golden claw, you go in a room full of webs and in one person corner stuck in them. A giant one dropped through the ceiling, so beware.

North Shirekwind Bastion: Although the place is have several webs, there no spiders, so don't worry.

More on that later, when I explore new places.

Find one of this unpleasant things? Place here!
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Damn, I forgot this one:

Embershard Mine: spider-free
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Nchand-Zel excavation site in Markarth has a couple of spiders, notably a BIG named one that you have to kill for a quest. It sucks.
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A friendly spider pet in the Dark Brotherhood's hideout. He stays in a hole tho, and he doesn't attack you, like the pet rat in Oblivion.
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arachnophobia must be trendy now
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Fort Greymoor, White River Watch and Redoran's Retreat: Spider-free
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It was not hers to give. It was mine to take.
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Good topic. Haters gon' hate but I seriously can't stand spiders, even virtual ones. It's just the way they move.

Clocked up almost 8 hours so far, almost entirely dedicated to exploring, except the first quest and the golden claw. Did roughly a clockwise circle around the map taking in all the major cities and I'm afraid to report that spiders are abundant in some areas of the wild, and always seem to travel in minimum pairs, have even seen a trio.

Areas to watch out for:

Basically all of the north, particularly between Solitude and Dawnstar. Slightly bizarre to see them battling sealions right by the ocean, but thankfully it's a fairly open area and you can see quite far ahead, so they're avoidable.

The South East around Riften. Here it's all forest and they're an unbelievable pain because you can't see them coming. Look out for them taking down deer which they seem to love doing. I saw 6 in 3 lots of pairs while travelling from Whiterun to Riften. I just about managed to evade them all with some sneaking.

In terms of dungeons can't really say as I've barely gone in any. You can't avoid them near the start just before you're let loose into the world, but you can hang back as your companion will do them all. In terms of Bleak Falls Barrow, I ran into the room, pegged it back out like a little girl then stood just behind the doorway where it can't reach and took potshots with my bow. Took a few goes but was easily doable.

Man I hate these things! Keep the locations coming!!
#9jackcarrPosted 11/12/2011 12:33:47 PM
Not Whiterun to Riften, Windhelm to Riften. All of which were in the greenery around Riften.
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The marsh area north of Morthal is a place to avoid if you're Arachnophobic.

I've only encountered the smaller ones in there, that die easily, but they move in groups.
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