How do I get rid of being a vampire?

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Topic^^ Randomly went in a place with vampires and turned into one..
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From the official guide.

You can either become a werewolf as this cures all diseases including vampirism or you can visit a mage named Falion in Morthal and complete his sidequest, Rising at dawn.

Hope this helps.
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If it's anything like Oblivion, you should have 3 days after being inflicted with Vampirism. You have to pray at a church alter or use Cure Disease to remove it. After 3 days, you become a vampire permanently.

I wasn't aware of Lycanthropy being in this game, but if it does cure Vampirism, become a werewolf, because that's probably the more favorable of the two.
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Never played Elder before. Ran into one at level 1. Vampire before I knew what happened. Trying to undo the mess. I waited to long. Now what? Please. Loving the game but it is now frustrating. Sorry I'm a noob.
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i just contracted this crap too! took me like all day long to get rid of it in oblivion. this blows. lol. i hate this disease! wheres corprus when you need it? :-/ lol
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potion of cure disease if not full blown vampirism takes effect, or else you have to do the quest.
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i just prayed at Shrine of Talos in Markarth.... did that do the job? playing on a CRT so i can't read the text for crap.
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Only way i could find to get rid of it was becoming a werewolf which is better anyways.
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To cure yourself from being a vampire you can to go to the pub in Falkrath, and ask the bartender is she heard any rumors, and then she'll tell you about a man named Falion in Morthal. Once you go talk to him, you'll get a quest to cure yourself.