elder cairn door

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5 years ago#11
Can anyone tell me where the axe is? I've been searching everywhere.. Retried the dungeon, but again no axe on the ground or in a skeleton
I have the sword in the door, just need the axe now
5 years ago#12
in the room with all the spike traps on the floor (where you fought the skeleton that could use force) above his thrown on the wall is where the axe is.
5 years ago#13
I just finished all the Dark Brotherhood quests and it wont open for me :/

Someone help! Is there a quest you need to be on before it opens?
5 years ago#14
Darn...that was my backup! I was hoping it didn't open because I didnt do the DB quests yet
5 years ago#15
i got both items, i didnt equip them, i just have to click the door, and it places the sword and axe there... pulled the chain and the door opens. Everytime you put the item there it'll say the item is removed.
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5 years ago#16
I have the same problem. They better fix this soon. dam I hate these kind of glitches.
5 years ago#17
Ok so is the door in volunruud a glitch??? I literally have picked Evey item up found sword an axe and says lacking item
5 years ago#18
yeah, it must be glitched...pretty much ruined any chance we have to be able to get all the words.
5 years ago#19
I don't think you need them equipped, worked for me with them just in my inventory, maybe try un-equipping them
5 years ago#20

I have to go back and fight this guy too...hes is NA-A-AAA-AA-A-STY.

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