Where is the museum in Dawnstar?

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User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
5 years ago#1
I want to start the Mehrunes' Razor quest, but I can't find the freakin' place.
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User Info: Bokey407

5 years ago#2
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User Info: FingaBomber

5 years ago#3
Bump. I can't find it either. Where the hell is it?????
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User Info: dino_freak1313

5 years ago#4
By the waterfront in the north-eastern part of dawnstar. You'll see two people arguing with each other.

User Info: FingaBomber

5 years ago#5
Nope. Nobody is arguing and there is no building in the town where it says museum when you try to enter.
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User Info: Elyon

5 years ago#6
I had a NPC courier invite me to the Museum. From there, when I went to Dawnstar, I ran across the pair arguing.
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User Info: jesterguy

5 years ago#7
The man outside is named Silus, there should be red banners on the front of the house.
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User Info: ST_Sikx

5 years ago#8
It's just a house with display cases in it. One helluva museum if you ask me. The reward is nice though.
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User Info: Zembaphobia

5 years ago#9
Spent 30 minutes looking. No museum
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User Info: Mareaux

5 years ago#10
The museum becomes available after you reach level 20. In which a courier will find you (in any city) and give you a message talking about a new museum that is opening in Dawnstar (via Silus' house).
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  3. Where is the museum in Dawnstar?

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