Problems with the puzzle door in Korvanjund

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I'm currently on the quest with the Stormcloaks to retrieve the Jagged Crown from Korvanjund but there is a problem with one of the puzzle doors where you have to arrange the animal symbols in the correct order and insert a claw to open the door. Now I have the claw and on the claw is supposed to be the order to which I'm supposed to arrange the rings on the door. The problem is that the symbols on the claw don't seem to match up with the symbols on the door.

On the door I have: Fox, Moth and Dragon
And on the claw I have what looks to be a snake, something I can't make out for sure and then a moth. I can't really zoom in far enough to tell for sure what the middle symbol is but I know for sure the first one doesn't match up with anything on the door. If anyone else has come across this quest I would appreciate some tips for solving this one.
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You're looking at the Ebony claw, yes?.
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Yeah that's it.
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examine the claw closer and you can see the combination you need. from the top(claws) to the bottom(palm) of the claw.
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