Arniels Endeavor -spoilers-

#11jwisnerPosted 11/16/2011 10:57:42 AM
Mr_Lingerie posted...
So I completed the quest, he disappeared. The keening has been left behind and the warped gem does nothing.

I left this and went questing elsewhere. I just now noticed I can summon arniels shade at the cost of no magicka. Where he just goes 'uhh'.

Not sure if he just killed himself and went to oblivion or just poofed himself there, I'm just curious if that is the end of the questline, why I can summon him and if he is some use as a summon or a new questline? Help?

The new spell and the dagger Keening (a major plot item from Morrowind) are the quest rewards. He was trying to recreate the conditions that caused the dwarves to disappear. He succeeded and thus he disappeared and now can only exist as a shade like the dwarven shades found in some of the ruins back in Morriwind.

The dagger itself is actually quite nice - draining health, stamina, and magicka. The summon is pretty useful too as you are summoning a master wizard.
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Yes except for one thing. Summoning the Dramora Lord is much better than him. His lightning is slow and inefficient. The Dramora Lord is ungodly.