A daedras best friend quest help please

#1drud603Posted 11/13/2011 10:38:44 PM

i almost have the axe i am supposed to get with the dog. i get to the end of the dungeon though where there are two trap doors on the floor. one in each room. at the end of the rooms though is a caged door. i dont know how to get through it. someone please help
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I'm having the same problem on pc. I've searched the entire dungeon for over an hour and can't get that gate open. I'm going to see if I can enter god mode, or whatever can get me through walls, just to complete the quest.
#4DarkOceanNightsPosted 11/14/2011 9:23:49 AM
I don't recall traps in the cave you're suppose to be in. Just two fire creatures and a guy with a fireball spell and the axe is on a table behind them.
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you guys went in the wrong way. you went through the word wall door didn't you. go back out and look at the map there should be a cave near by thats where you have to go.
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thanks man il try that