Butterfly In A Jar

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4 years ago#1
Anybody know what this does, if anything? It's a Miscellaneous item so it's not for alchemy. I forgot exactly where I found it so, sorry I can't give more information.
4 years ago#2
No but if you wait a few days it will respawn and you can have TWO butterflies in jars.
4 years ago#3
I found one in an alchemist shack near the small village where you have to go to get to the Greybeards. I left it there though.
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4 years ago#4
Ah well, it makes a good house decoration if nothing else.
4 years ago#5
Check under the lid. There appears to be the word 'pig' spelled out in runes. Curious
4 years ago#6
I've found one with a bee in in a jar but it's only good for decorating the house.
4 years ago#7
I was wondering as well. I found it in the alchemists hut and thought this is neat. I was trying to place it in my house when it sort of normalized with the lid sideways and saw pig written under the cap. I was wondering if it was a quest item...possible spoilers

There is a quest in that town nearby to find some man's sister who is an alchemist...might be linked to that? Maybe turned herself into a butterfly who knows hahaha!
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