Power ''Bash with a bow

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So in the Skyrim prima strategy guide, under the Archer archtype, as a secondary skill set it recommends taking block for the bash skills in the tree. It even states in the text "While you can't take advantage of its Shield-specific perks, Power Bash and Disarming Bash work just as well with a bow..." Now I know how to flat out 'bash' using the left trigger, but when I got my Power Bash perk it never changed- not stronger or anything- and I can't do the 'hold down left trigger and attack' with a bow because it just draws an arrow. Anyone have any ideas as to how this may work?
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No idea. I did just punch a Bandit Marauder to death WITH my bow... So maybe it simply applies a passive damage bonus. I dont really know. He still had a good amount of HP left too.
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I was thinking that it might be a passive for it but mine still does lame damage. >.<
Can't find any information on this anywhere... Kudos for beating someone to death with it though. xD
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