Stray dog?

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5 years ago#1

I found a stray dog and told it to go home. It said "Your dog will return home" or something like that. Since when is it my dog? And where is its home? Does it mean my house in Whiterun? How the hell does it know where my house is? This is one of the several things in the game that I think are a good idea but poorly executed.

5 years ago#2
I found a stray dog walking around. I assumed that when I dismissed it, it went back to where I found it.
5 years ago#3

Not at my house, anyone know where it went?

5 years ago#4
Same thing happened to me. I just assumed it was killed on the way.
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5 years ago#5

Was this part of a quest?  I'm supposed to be looking for a blacksmith's dog somewhere.

5 years ago#6
The blacksmith's dog quest is the Clavicus Vile quest. He gives you some meat to get Barbas (the dog) then you do a quest to obtain the masque of Clavicus Vile, which is an awesome heavy armor mask that looks the the rabbit from donnie darko.
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5 years ago#7
Haha, I remember a stray dog...


It's the dog that lod the smithy asked me to find. I find the dog and it starts talking to me. Then we go on a great quest to kill vampires and get an amazing axe.

*****END SPOILERS*****
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