Ore DOES Respawn

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User Info: Admir91

5 years ago#1
I revisited the Malachite mine in Kynesgrove and the quicksilver mine in in Dawnstar and the ore does respawn, but I don't know how long it took. It may first appear that there is ore in the rocks, but it won't let you mine it. So I fast traveled to another city and back and then I could mine it again.

Also, if you want ore or ignits quicker, "wait" infront of a smith until they reopen their shop the next morning.

User Info: Fisto_

5 years ago#2
Ebony ore doesn't respawn. :(
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User Info: udoma

5 years ago#3
Ebony Ore does respawn, I've mined the crap out of the ebony mine on the East part of the map
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User Info: hbjames316

5 years ago#4
I think what is causeing all of this confusion is that the ore deposits out in Skyrim do not respawn. There is a deposit just to the left of the front door to Witerun, and I haven't seen that respawn EVER! But apparently the deposits in caves and dungens do respawn. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

User Info: HunterToren

5 years ago#5
I have the guide and it says in there that it respawns after about a month.

User Info: ScorpeX

5 years ago#6
Read many times, they respawn in 1 month (game time).

User Info: D3AKUs

5 years ago#7
Yes , the ones in the mines DO respawn after on Month of ingame time.

User Info: Back_Stabbath

5 years ago#8

From: udoma | #003
Ebony Ore does respawn, I've mined the crap out of the ebony mine on the East part of the map

elaborate please? I need some ebony.

User Info: hbjames316

5 years ago#9
Like I said...the one's in caves respawn...apparently in a about a month. But the one's out in the world dont. Beleave me, I'm have about 5 month's in game time pass and and one just to the right left of the whiterun door will not respawn. I check it all the time!

User Info: Dreadmaster2001

5 years ago#10
I do not think its a month. I think its more like 2 weeks. I mined ebony at the mine near the orc camp in the east, and did at the most 4 quests. That was on the 1st of Heartfire. It is the 14th, and the deposits are back. Maybe a glitch, maybe actual time. All I know is that it took 2 weeks, not a whole month.

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