How do you improve speechcraft?

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I have not noticed any mini-games like from Oblivion, which is good haha. But the only time I notice my speechcraft leveling is the rare occurance of meeting an NPC which you can bribe, intimidate, or persuade. Also, it seems to go up as I sell stuff....very very slowly. Is there a minigame or anything that enables you to actually train it? I've found topics concerning the exploit with the theives guild or something but prefer not to exploit the game, also, I dont want to get a very high character based solely on speechcraft haha.

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It's mainly buying and selling things.
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Thanks, so...that sucks though haha..oh well at least it is realistic.
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Buying and selling things gets up as well as successfully persuading or intimidating. There's an exploit at the meadery in Rifton, talk to the guy behind the counter and ask him about the black briars, you're then given the option to persuade him and keep doing so. You need at least 26 speech to successfully persuade him though.
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I wish there were more colorful NPCs like in both Fallouts that you had to persuade or bribe. *sigh*
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you could glitch it to 100, but kills the purpose.
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From: McGooginheimer | Posted: 11/17/2011 8:53:35 PM | #001
I have not noticed any mini-games like from Oblivion, which is good haha.

Hey, that mini-game was awesome.
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Buying and selling is a good way, also, you can find these trainers:

- Journeyman Trainer #1: Dro’marash of the Khajiit Caravans.

- Journeyman Trainer #2: Revyn Sadri of Windhelm (He's a merchant and I think after doing a favor to him related with a ring, he'll start to teach or once you meet him, I'm not sure).

- Expert Trainer: Ogmund the Skald, of Markarth.

- Master Trainer: Geraud Gemaine, of The Bards College in Solitude.