Karliah's Bow?

#1Vegeta9005Posted 11/18/2011 9:37:15 AM
I saw that bow on few site such as the Wiki and so on.

It seem to be the best bow in the game not really sure, but where do you get it?

For now I use a Glass Bow since it's lightweight and it's perfect for my playing style.
#2TheCongoPosted 11/18/2011 9:39:10 AM
The Nightingale Bow is unlocked when you finish off Karliah's questline, or the quest before the final quest I don't remember.

It isn't the best bow on the game, the Ebony Bow does more damage, but the enchant gives like 14 extra damage.

So if you can, try and disenchant the Nightingale Bow and put it on the Ebony Bow or something better.
#3Vegeta9005(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2011 9:41:16 AM
I see, thanks! =P
#4shoe7essPosted 11/19/2011 11:40:41 PM
I was looking for this too, but the sites I'm looking at a few websites that have the nightingale bow and karliah's bow listed seperately, with a good amount of damage difference. Can anyone confirm this?
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#5king_wallacePosted 11/20/2011 9:50:03 AM
Karliah's Bow is a separate item, though trying to spawn it or place it in your inventory doesn't seem to work. I had it spawn once using player.placeatme but it fell through the floor before I could grab it and then subsequent attempts at spawning it failed.
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