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5 years ago#1
My current objective is to learn a word of power from Wulfgar but everytime I speak to him he doesn't speak, he just gets up from meditating or whatever and just bows forward. The icon is above him so I know obviously I'm supposed to be speaking to him.
5 years ago#2
He puts a word on the ground you don't actually speak with him.
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5 years ago#3
Thanks - he's kneeling in front of an altar and I don't see anything on the ground. Do you remember where it's at?
5 years ago#4
Should be right in front of him. You may need to reload a save.
5 years ago#5
He's walking all over, very slowly, inside and outside and just kneeling/praying. Was this part of it for you? The arrow is over his head but he doesn't speak at all... so I'm not sure if it's jacked up or I should be following him around.
5 years ago#6
It should either be in the courtyard out back or in the middle of the daimond in the entrance hall.
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My Anti-Drug. Gamertag - tiamat89 PSN - XxTiamatxX / Official Mudcrab Battlemage Wielder of SoulSapper
5 years ago#7
I am having this problem right now he won't put the word on the floor it shows him doing the animation but it wont show.
Looks like i'm gonna have to lose an hour of gameplay since all my auto saves are like a minute apart and all glitched
5 years ago#8
I had the same problem. I found that going out the courtyard and talking to the main guy will allow you to then talk to wulfgar upon following the other guy inside.
Ps. Sorry I'm forgetting the name of the guy in the courtyard
5 years ago#9
This is really making me mad now I reloaded an hour old save and got rid of Lydia and it is still doing the same thing.
It won't let me talk to anyone in the courtyard eveyone is inside and they say it the final intitation and I am supposed to read the word on the floor that never appears.

I know I did this before no problem before all my auto saves corrupted and I lost the entire Greaybeard quest and 10 hrs of gameplay
5 years ago#10
Ok I got it to work but only after restarting the console ,weird stuff going on

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