Dragon Souls glitch???

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5 years ago#1
Ok, I know that to unlock new Shouts, you need to absord Dragon souls - I'd aborbed about 6 or 7 souls & unlocked the same amount of Shout powers, but now I've hit a problem. Now, I can't seem to unlock any more Shouts, no matter how many new souls that I absorb. By my guess I've should have around 5 Souls in the bank, so to speak, & I've learnt 4 New words of power, but I can't unlock them, I keep getting a pop-up telling me that I need Dragon Souls to unlock powers.

Does anybody have any idea what's going on?
5 years ago#2

You need to kill new, different dragons to get different souls. You're absorbing the same souls, thereby not allowing you to unlock new powers. In the "Magic" tab, the bottom right corner tells you how many souls you have.

5 years ago#3
Are you pressing X on the shouts you unlock?
5 years ago#4
whole grain?
5 years ago#5
@Mr_Spotswood - I know, like I said, no matter how many souls I'm collecting, I can't unlock any new Shouts - when you go into the Shout list, it tells you how many souls you currently have stored - I've now got 7 stored, but can't seem to spend them.

@BackingMyCrack - yeah, I'm pressing X & nothing happens.
5 years ago#6
Sounds like you're pressing A instead of X
5 years ago#7
I assure you, I'm not pressing A.
5 years ago#8
syxx112 posted...
I assure you, I'm not pressing A.

Are you sure you didn't switch your button layout about?
5 years ago#9
Yes, I'm using the default layout.
5 years ago#10
I have this same problem!
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