Shalidors insight need help please??

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So I'm tryin to find where to go. My arrow is pointing somewhere inside the temple of divine. ( solidor) and I can not find what to do or how to get there. Tried using clairvoyance and it is going right into a solid wall tried lookin for a switch or something talked to all three of the people in the temple with nothing happenin. Some one please help me. Thanks ahead of time
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There is a couple differnt ones. I've started the game over a couple times already testing differnt buids and that quest randomizes. You're kinda already suppose to have found a boox by exploring alot, if you're a explorer. If not the orc at the college gives the quest and I've got the quest in a couple places that cannot be reached. until another quest activevates it.
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So basically you got unlucky and need to find a way in that solid wall.
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So your sayin that I need to do someother quest and it will bring me to this room
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yeah like the one i got was east of darkarth and i had to join the companions, Which is pretty cool, being a werewolf the second quest. Then i had to place a two handed axe inside this satue then it opened the door i need it to be, they gave me a one room cave/shrine thing, with a broken sword and handle and other stuff.

So if no one in the temple gave you any quest.

I'm not sure Temple of the divines i forget where that is lol
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Anyone no what quest I need to to do to get the key for the the door in the basement of the temple of divine
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Ok so hey only sure thing I found out is.

Go join the companions. On the quest glory og the dead

Travel to Ysgramor's tomb. There is a few copies of his book left throughtout skyrim. Take that one if you cant find the quest related to the other book.
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I already did the companion line already become the new leader and all that haven't did any of the quests for them after becomin the leader