How To Make A Vampire Werewolf Hybrid *Spoilers*

#1lionheart77xPosted 11/22/2011 3:17:19 AM
-Join the companions
-Become a werewolf
-Head to Falkreath and talk to the man in prison to begin the quest for the Ring of Hircine
-Make sure you ally with the werewolf at the end so that you will receive the uncursed ring that will allow you to shapeshift at will as your reward
-Complete the companions questline and cure yourself of lycanthropy
-Make sure the ring still transforms you despite being cured
-Go get infected with the vampire disease
-Wait 3 days until you're a full blown red-eyed vampire
-Transform into the wolf and let it wear off
-Your eyes should be normal colored again

-Congratulations- you're as hybrid as it gets here. You can't feed, will progress to a level 4 vampire, BUT WILL NOT be attacked by townsfolk regardless of your vampire level, and can use the ring to transform into the wolf at will. Just keep in mind that your character will eventually have all the benefits (and weaknesses aside from never being attacked by townsfolk or guards) of a lvl 4 vampire permanently, as well as certain werewolf perks. Enjoy.
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Now if anyone would like to repay my discovery of this bug by recommending the best way to get the most fire resistance without making my armor gaudy and magic-looking, please let me know lol
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vampire/wolf can I be a glittery vampire
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CADE FOSTER posted...
vampire/wolf can I be a glittery vampire

Yeah- make a wood elf, give him a gigantic messy faux-hawk, and make sure he's as scrawny as possible- then when you do the aforementioned trick and wear a glittery mage robe, you'll successfully look like a frufru twilight character. Weeee
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hybrids are from vampire diaries
Boo. Did i scare ya bro?
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Quick Edit!!!!!

-Make sure when you become a level 4 vampire that you're away from townsfolk. Transform again into the wolf and let it wear off. This is the trick to making you non-hostile.
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enchants have no visual effect on armor.
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So far after successfully completing the above steps, I've only been attacked by one person- Jaree-Ra, an argonian, in Solitude. Somehow he can recognize my character as a lvl 4 vampire, however the guards will come to your aid against him and knock him out (he's unkillable.) No real problem provided you've already got the lighthouse quest from him.
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Enchanted items only have a coloured haze in the inventory screen
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Raven_Shikumi posted...
enchants have no visual effect on armor.

That's good- I may be lvl 81 and maxed out thanks to the oghum infinium book bug, but I'm all smith and no enchanting-
any suggestions on how I could go about getting my gear enchanted decently?