how do soul gems work?

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You need to use Soul Trap or a Soul Trap enchanted weapon on an enemy and kill them. When they die if there is a soul gem in your inventory that can hold their soul then the soul will be captured by it.

Soul Gems can be used to enchant equipment and recharge enchanted weapons.
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you can buy them either empty of filled with a soul, if theyre empty you need to either get a soul trap spell or enchant an item with soul trap. you then use the filled soul gems to enchant items at the arcane enchanter to enchant weapons/armor
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Also, human enemies require Black soul gems. Nothing short of that can contain them. Souls always go to the smallest possible gem, but you can waste high-level gems this way.

For example, if you only have Grand gems, and you trap and kill a Petty-level monster, its soul will inhabit one of your Grands, which is a major waste.
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thank you.