#1djtlite138Posted 12/2/2011 3:53:38 PM
I believed him dead, only a couple of days into playing this game as he was not around and not with his caravan but just now I found him, reunited with his caravan!

Last I saw him I was newly a member of the companions and looking for words of power, now I have all but 4 and am Harbinger, Guildmaster of the thieves guild, Listener of the new Dark Brotherhood in Dawnstar, have ended the Civil War, and have slain Alduin. So much time has passed, I have changed so much. I barely recognized the old friend who saved me from a sabercat ambush and did a double take upon seeing his name, asked him to follow me and reequipped him in the fine arms and armor I made for him (was obsessed with smithing in the beginning and amassing gold and would mine and hunt to gather materials and sell unenchanted iron daggers, didn't think to enchant them, and as such he is wearing less than perfect dragonplate and using a mediocre level daedric sword) back then he was badass but I know now one errant swing of my blades and he would truly fall.
So with sadness and joy mixed in my heart I bid fond farewell to my khajiit buddy for whiterun.

Anyways tl;dr: lost Kharjo, assumed him dead and gone with my best gear 30 levels ago, found him alive and well, nostalgia kicked in, I left him behind for fear of accidentally murdering him and am now posting this in honor of the joyous yet sad event.

Anybody else have something like that happen?