Urag's Book Quests

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5 years ago#1
Do the quests to gather books and Shalidor's writings for Urag ever end or are they never ending?
Elliott Smith = Legend
5 years ago#2
Elliott Smith = Legend
5 years ago#3
Elliott Smith = Legend
5 years ago#4
well i'll try once more.
Elliott Smith = Legend
5 years ago#5
I posted this same topic a few days ago and got no response unfortunately.
5 years ago#6
still pretty curious
Elliott Smith = Legend
5 years ago#7
I dont know
I pity the fool.-Mr. T.
5 years ago#8
well thank you
Elliott Smith = Legend
5 years ago#9
You would think because they are going into dungeons instead of the usual repeat quests like with DB and nondescript people or Thieves guild which I guess end but have the vibe of repeating. Be interested to see if they end, think I did it 2 or 3 times and he still had one for me.
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5 years ago#10
Ooooh this is a good question so I'll give this a bump in the rump.

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