Skyrim's Great Fashionista's Guide [V1.0] (Spoilers)

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Stick requested.
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Any last minute changes before my hour timer runs out and I become unable to edit? :(
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Nothing to add but wanted to say it was an excellent post and useful. It was obvious you put a great deal of work into and thank you for posting it.
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WAY more work than I thought it'd take, actually.
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Isn't this all on the wiki?
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Tavern Clothing can be found in a Falmer dungeon (can't remember name) behind a bar in first main room.

May not apply to this list but Necklace of Poison Resistance/Immunity is extremely rare. It has not turned up on vendor inventory at all in 200 hours of searching (and believe me I have searched). May have been left off loot tables inadvertently. So may be LO.
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I found Necklace of Poison Immunity in Solitude shops, either the general or Radiant Raiment.
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Just tried to pickpocket bryling's clothes but couldn't. They don't show up. I have the perk to pickpocket equipped clothes and all but the last rank in the first perk.
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Isn't this info found online
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Unknwnwrrior posted...
I found Necklace of Poison Immunity in Solitude shops, either the general or Radiant Raiment.

Thanks for they tip. I will go back to Radiant Raiment and try again even though I have saved/killed/reloaded at least a hundred times there searching. Being a completionist sucks sometimes.