Skyrim's Great Fashionista's Guide [V1.0] (Spoilers)

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The main intent was a guide that immediately pointed out unique-looking clothing and armour and where to get it. That's one of the things I like to do in RPG's, to mix and match clothing for occassions. And I know many here take it way beyond that.

But for all its intents, the Wikia delves too deep and is very cluttered. Opposed to that, UESP is very neat but usually does nothing more than mention the items rather than how they're obtained.
Finally we have online "Unique item" lists that mention a lot of useless, abritrary items like Muiri Ring, which is basically just a renamed Silver Ring of Alchemy.

Omitted from UESP and the Unique item lists, and found on the Wikia if you know its name, are things like Fur-trimmed cloak and Redguard clothes. BOTH unique items (Fur-trimmed cloak is only worn by two NPC's, one essential, so in essence unique) that rarely get mention anywhere.
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Swoopalz posted...
This is a good post and you deserve to be commended for your efforts.

However, I'm really not sure why this has been stickied.

I know right we all know General Tullius has the best armor, that looks like clothes
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Tavern Clothing can be found in a Falmer dungeon (can't remember name) behind a bar in first main room.

May not apply to this list but Necklace of Poison Resistance/Immunity is extremely rare. It has not turned up on vendor inventory at all in 200 hours of searching (and believe me I have searched). May have been left off loot tables inadvertently. So may be LO.

Yea its called Liars retreat, its located in the reach just north of some redoubt place.

Low level players can just run in and behind the bar will a dead woman wearing them with the matching boots.

The falmer should be too busy killing bandits to notice you
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Nice work but god man FAQ this stuff.
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Great that's one less topic I can read on my first page OMG
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Remind me why Winterhold Guard's shield is PC only?

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ssj3blade posted...
Remind me why Winterhold Guard's shield is PC only?

I noticed they use steel shields instead of their hold shields
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Tavern Clothes can also be obtained from Alva during Laid to Rest in Morthal.
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Could you maybe add how many variants there are of each common clothing?
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Which mod stickied this? Put it in a FAQ.