To save your skill books for later:

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Hey all. I figure this is pretty much common knowledge, but a search of the board for 'skill book' only revealed one reference with brief mention. If you wish to save your skill books for higher skill levels (making them worth much more experience), have your follower pick them up, and then take them from their inventory. I started doing this as soon as I learned the follower command option, and I'm saving all my books for later.

Also, quick question, has anyone confirmed that using a skill book at level 100 of the related skill actually raises the stats of that skill? I've read one post that said that it doesn't show that the skill is raised on the skill menu, but that it does raise the stats of the skill. Can anyone confirm this? I'd hate to save all the books til I'm maxed and find out that I've wasted them.
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Nope it doesnt. I read a smithing book at 100 and nothin :o
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