House Decorating Guide: How to Move and Drag Items to Customize your Skyrim Home

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masterpug53 posted...
Well, great news folks *extreme sarcasm*

Just when you thought Skyrim's move-drag feature couldn't get any more tedious, patch 1.6 has apparently changed things so that most items are now grabbed at the ****ing bottom rather than the center...because it only makes sense that you want to have all your bottles and goblets and potions and bowls of soup lying face down wherever you put them.

There is almost no way to place half of the game's items properly now.

Seriously? They nerfed it AGAIN?
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Yep. Until they fix it (not likely), I'm just gonna start new characters patchless and then move the patch over via memory stick when whatever houses or lairs I'm planning on living out of are decorated. It's actually pretty easy if you've got a memory stick to waste - the game can read from both it and the HD at once, so you can keep the patch and DLC on the stick and switch it in and out when you want to play patchless.

Of course there's always the potential for bugs with this, so use at your own risk. And once you patch a character, you can't go back to playing unpatched, as you'll lose the new data and likely screw things up.

On the other hand, even with the bug, decorating is still...doable, but barely. The items most affected by this are potions, goblets, bowls, pots, and bowl-contained ingredients (such as fire salts), which are almost impossible to place upright. Some items remain mysteriously unaffected by the bug, but I can't remember which ones.

I worked out a way where you can hold an item about a foot above the surface and then quickly turn the cursor down while moving slightly forward, landing it on its base. But this is incredibly tedious, and it is very hard not to knock over any other items in the vicinity.
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Hey Masterpug53. I have been reading your posts throughout this thread, and I get the sense that your dedication to home decoration rivals that of mine. One of the main reasons I enjoy this series, and other Bethesda games, is the ability to explore a vast world ripe with unique and interesting items, acquire them, and then display them in my home. Prior to the "auxiliary animations glitch" permanently ending my Oblivion game, I had invested over 600 hours into one character with easily half that amount of time being just decorating my home. With Skyrim, it's no different; I have 373 hours invested in one character with easily over 100 hours being devoted to decoration. Unfortunately with the current system in place for item manipulation and placement being nothing short of atrocious, those 100+ hours have been filled with equal amounts of frustration as well as gratification. Anyway, I was wondering if you have any video posted of your decorated home. If so, I would imagine it would be most impressive. If you have no video, I was wondering if you could elaborate on some of the areas of your home you are most impressed with, as I am always looking for input that might inspire new ideas in my home. With me, I never just display an item just for the sake of displaying it. My decoration is meticulous and items are placed with other items because they "work well together" or create a good theme. I look forward to your feedback.
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neimad posted...
One of the main reasons I enjoy this series, and other Bethesda games, is the ability to explore a vast world ripe with unique and interesting items, acquire them, and then display them in my home.

Hug me, kindred spirit. Both for decorating and being victims of the Glitch of Doom :-)

I should warn you, though...I found out much to my dismay that it is still possible for a character to break in Skyrim when enough hours are put into a single playthrough. It isn't as clear-cut as the GoD, but it is there - freezes will occur within five minutes of playing, cells with instantly freeze in the load-screen when you try and pass through the doorways, and towns will load none of the buildings save the floating doorways, Dark-Tower style, rendering the character unplayable.

But...this happened around the 400-hour mark, I was playing unpatched, and more than likely it was a direct result of the massive amounts of corpses I was storing in a number of houses. Still, decorating eats active memory as I'm sure you well now, so it's possible that the bug could hit if you were massively decorating, though it would probably happen much later even if it did hit.

I probably should get around to making a few vids...maybe I could just pile the bodies in the housecarls room :-) I definitely should post some vids of my Oblivion houses (especially Battlehorn), even though the game is becoming more and more obsolete. And the Battlehorn corpses are at least dressed.
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My heart goes out to you Masterpug, as I know full well just how devastating the glitch of doom/auxiliary animation glitch is. It was especially painful for me, as I had only one character for Oblivion. It's quite frightening to hear that a variant of the glitch exists in Skyrim. That was the worst-case-scenario I have ever encountered in any game period. I still recall how frustrating it was when it hit my Oblivion character. At the time there was so little information/discussion regarding the glitch because very few people even had it. Bethesda tech support was useless, as they had never heard of it, and most message boards offered no help for the same reasons. If you were lucky enough to find a thread on some site where it was being discussed, it was usually filled with replies that would just frustrate you further. There would be the poster who writes, "This is not happening in my game, therefore it does not exist. You are making it up." Then you would have the guy who writes something along the lines of, " *sigh*.....just clear the cache idiot!" The worst would be the Bethesda fanboy apologist who would make some type of argument that I should be thankful that the game lasted that long since most games are only meant to be played for 30 or so hours, and how dare anybody say anything critical about Bethesda. Anyway, I hope my Skyrim character does not suffer the same fate. If he does, then so be it. There is nothing I can do to stop it.
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Oh ho, yes, I got my fill of all the weak-ass **** and excuses surrounding the GoD.

Big difference is that the GoD was ingrained into Oblivion's coding - it would eventually hit everyone and every character, you just didn't know when. On the other hand, I can't really rage about my last Skyrim character crashing because I'm confident that I had a direct hand in it - I mean, the poor game's barely putting along on this hardware as is, and it just kept slowly deteriorating the longer I played until the character was unplayable. Irony being that Oblivion's coding seemed tight enough that it ran just fine no matter how you abused it...up until the point when the GoD struck and drove everything off a cliff.

As long as you're just decorating houses, it's less likely that your game / playthrough will crash like mine.
Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.
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masterpug53, I just want to thank you for posting this extremely helpful guide to decorating in Skyrim. One of the things I loved about Morrowind and find sadly lacking in the others was the ability to place things simply by clicking where you wanted them to go, not to mention the ability to make the tiniest adjustment with no trouble at all. Easy.

Since I bought Skyrim, I have been trying to figure out how to have a beautiful home (I am a "Simmer in absentia", so yes, I do love to decorate :) while living in such a terrible earthquake zone. Turns out there *are* no earthquakes in Skyrim...

Anyway, thank you for showing me how to have a beautifully decorated home in Skyrim without having to admire everything on bookshelves (well, everything I could actually get to work on a bookshelf, i.e., stand up straight, etc.). It is very nice of you to take the time to write such a thorough and helpful guide.

Oh, and I read every word; one of the things I like about your guide is the completeness, the inclusion of every speck of information that you felt would be of help. It is - all of it - and I especially appreciate that aspect of it. Don't ever think we are not out here, we who *want* the lengthy, info-packed guides. We are. :)

Thank you so much.
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You're quite welcome. My attention to detail was pretty much born from my inability to comprehend other people's advice, ha ha - whenever I got stuck on something, it always felt like the guides were leaving out some crucial bit of information that left me just as stuck as before I read it.
Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.
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*is not under that bridge anymore...
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I quickly read trough this guide to find out if i was the only one having the glitch that makes me grab stuff at the bottom, but didn't see nothing about it however i did read that some items move after being placed down and reentering the cell.

Well you can avoid them moving by dropping them out of your inventory but not moving them around, just leave them on the floor then re-enter the cell, now they should be safe for placing down, some items will need you to do this twice, the second time it always worked for me and that even rarely happened.

I hope someday i can put up a movie of my decorated buildings, i miss the shiny stuff oblivion had, stuffs not so shiny in skyrim, i wonder why :(
Untill then i also hope they fix that bug, together with releasing hearthfire cause that'll just destroy 90% of that dlc, atleast if you're a fanatic like me and some others around here :p
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