Has there been a fix for the "burnt" looking vampire face?

#1papoose187Posted 1/30/2012 11:08:54 PM
I would like to learn more about this because I want to become a vamp and I've been waiting on this to be fixed or at least worked around so it never happens...

How does it happen?

Why does it happen?

What can I do to avoid it?

Will it be fixed with patch 1.4?

Any help would be great!
#2_Elite_Bushido_Posted 1/30/2012 11:10:33 PM
i wish i could get burnt or somethin, my nord vamp just has the day light weakness and thats it :|
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#3XFallenPetalsPosted 1/30/2012 11:20:57 PM
There is a semi-fix. You need a save file from just before you turn into a vampire, once that character turns you load up your normal save and you'll be fine. I found I didnt need the original character's save, as long as the names were the same it worked. It will change your face-paint color if they are different between saves.
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#4gta_gamer133Posted 1/31/2012 1:21:49 AM
it burns your characters skin? it didn't do that for my Dark Elf vamp. i wish it did, that'd be cool if you got completely burned like a crispy corpse after the final stage and stayed that way until you fed of slept.
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#5lenmuttPosted 1/31/2012 1:26:48 AM
Its not even burned skin it can happing even if you NEVER go into the sun

But all ya gotta do is keep a spare save of the character it happens to, when they only had the disease make sure to load that save and turn it into full vampireism then go load the other full vamp save and your face will be clean.

But you have to doit everytime you start skyrim back up, also never save with a dirt face other wise it will never go away