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5 years ago#1
As one of the many folks who have been downloading the various patches from, I was continually annoyed by the fact that the patches have always relied on your USB pen needing to be permanently inserted into the console.

Now, from 1.4 on, there is a way for folks who don't want to update their dashboard to get the patch onto their system even if they don't have a HDD data transfer cable.

Firstly, download the 1.4 patch here:

There are two files, just at the top. I haven't tested whether both files are needed or if you only need one and not the other, so I just grabbed them both. Having both patches installed means that if you have the US or EU versions, the patch WILL work - the files won't conflict with each other or anything. If you're desperate to save 10MB, you can always try them one at a time :)

Next, you'll need USB XTAF GUI, which if you've already been putting patches on your USB pen, you'll already have. If not, you can grab it from here:

If your USB pen isn't formatted for the XBox360 file system, plug your USB pen into your XBox360, select the USB device on the console and choose to configure now. This will wipe your USB drive clean but allow you to store 360 content on it.

Now, plug your USB pen into your PC and start USB XTAF. Select 'Open First USB Drive' from the File Menu, and the main window should now show a Windows Explorer like directory structure on the left, containing 'Cache Partition' and 'Data Partition'.

Normally, we'd click 'Cache Partition' here, then select 'Cache', then drag the patch files over the the right pane. This was the way we had to do things before patch 1.4, and as said before, meant that the USB device always had to plugged into the console.

Starting with version 1.4, you should do the following:

- Click 'Data Partition', then click 'Content'
- Make a folder under that called '0000000000000000'
- Make a folder under that called '425307E6'

Now, click the last folder you created and drag and drop the patch files you downloaded earlier into the pane on the right. Once they appear, select 'Close Current Drive' from the File Menu and unplug your USB pen drive.

At this point, you can play with Skyrim patched to version 1.4 just by having the USB drive inserted when you boot Skyrim - however we need this patch transferring to the XBox, so what we do is go to the File Manager and select your USB drive. Inside the Skyrim folder you should find your Title Update files. You will have to MOVE (copying them won't work) these files to your hard disk.

Once you have these files (or just the one that works) on your hard drive, you will be able to play Skyrim patched to 1.4 even without the USB drive plugged into the console.

Just one less annoyance to worry about, and completely eliminates the potential for other errors to creep into the game due to the patch being read from the USB pen :)

Last but not least, as many of you are aware we're frequently given the advice to clear the system cache to help improve performance or remove some errors and glitches from the game. With this new method, the updates are stored in the same place your saved games are - meaning that cleaning the cache will NOT delete these files. There's now a lot less risk involved with frequent cache clearing since you won't suddenly be dropped right back to version 1.0 or anything unless you MANUALLY delete the patch :)
5 years ago#2
Within just over an hour after this info was originally posted it's been pushed down to page 5 (crikey this board's fast) - it's going to help nobody if 12 hours from now it's fallen to page 60 or something and nobody gets a chance to see it...

Anyhow, on topic, I've noticed a few people in various places say that patch version 1.4 does little to help them with their problem. This information's still handy to have, since I've discovered the reason why the file can be copied using the method described above - it's because it exceeds a certain file size.

This means that upcoming patch 1.5, 1.6, 1.7... should be copyable to your XBox360 hard drive from a USB pen also using the same method, which is handy if you either don't want to update your Dashboard (or are worried you'll destroy your 360 if you do), or if you only have internet access at a remote location such as at school/work/a library.
5 years ago#3
Thanks for this info!
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5 years ago#4
obishawn posted...
Thanks for this info!

No problem - it was this board that showed me how to use the original USB pen method with the older patches, so it makes sense that if I figure out how to improve the method a bit to post it right back here :)
5 years ago#5
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5 years ago#6
this is awesome thank you

is there anywhere I can see the patch change notes?
5 years ago#7
bonemonkey80 posted...
this is awesome thank you

is there anywhere I can see the patch change notes?

All the patch notes for every released patch can be seen in this thread on the official Bethesda forum:

The notes for 1.4 are near the bottom of the page :)
5 years ago#8
blindbeaver posted...

I wish there was a better way than this :)
5 years ago#9
Back up from the bottom of page 6
5 years ago#10
UnclePobatti posted...
Back up from the bottom of page 6

It got to page 6 again. Back up it goes :)
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