Scorpion's grinding guide to level 81 * some spoilers" updated & edited

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How do you request a sticky?

click on message detail of the very first post. from there go all the way down the list and click request sticky. you'll need to give reason why too. I just put that its a reader friendly guide that saves time for both new and old players and allows for a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

I'm guessing that I'm not a high enough level to do it, because the option is not there for me.
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Im gonna be that guy and say this is far from complete, or even the best methods.

You forget to share info such as:

- Block/heavy armor/light armor skill levels depending on the damage you take, so the optimal method is actually to train it alongside restoration (but this wont be the main way to do that, as seen in my next point) by standing in front of a giant and getting pounded by him (or even 2) while having resto cost reduction armor on and casting fast heal.

-Restoration levels much faster with turn undead spells (and I mean MUCH faster) so its better to use those (especially the AoE ones like guardian circle which you can buy at 65 skill level, and until that you can spam turn undead on a draugr... best of all the AoE one doesnt need to hit a target so you can spam it wherever you feel like it)

-Combat skills level based on the BASE damage of the weapon, so its better to use a base unsmithed daedric warhammer to level it than an iron greatsword for example.

-Same with destruction spells, higher base DMG equals higher skill increase, so you are WAY better off casting incinerate and icy spear instead of flames or frostbite. (and I mean WAY WAY better off)

-Soul trap on dead body for conjuration until you get dremora lord summon (at 65 I think) and THEN you just summon dremora lord next to docile enemies (aggroed slaughterfish work wonders)

-Alteration levels fast like that, but spamming paralysis on a horker once you get it will make it go from 65 to 100 in around 3 minutes. Just sayin.

-Speech/Alchemy has a MUCH faster way to be powerlevelled. If you use an exploit anyways (even if just for the sake of levelling, why not use a different one... for the SAME reason??) You basically need to do the infamous fortify restoration glitch, make a very very very expensive potion (just make a deathbell+salt pile one when you are already in the 100,000s with fortification) and sell it. Hmmm whats that? Did both your alchemy and speech just jump to 100? Yup thats right. (its because these skills level based on the price of the item you sell/potion you create, and even if the merchant doesnt have the gold it will still count towards your skill increase)

How did this get a sticky with so much false and weak info?? No offense, and I really appreciate the effort you put into it, its well written, but the info just isnt there.
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^ and now it is. Thanks for helping complete it, I hope new players find it helpful.
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Scorpion122178 posted...
^ and now it is. Thanks for helping complete it, I hope new players find it helpful.

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Also forgot to mention, but using my methods you can be at level 81 from the point you get enchanting to 100 in less than 4-5 hours. (no joke)

So altogether, from out of the tutorial, level 81 is around 7-8 hours away if you REALLY wanna get it and powerlevel enchanting ASAP. (using trainers for the combat skills is a very good idea though)
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Sneak: Sneak behind Paarthurnax and start doing sneak attacks on him from behind using a weak one-handed weapon, now don't get to chop happy or he will become hostile and f*** you up. Do a sneak attack wait for him not to notice do another. So on and so forth till 100, easy.

No need to go so far in the main quest you can do this on any member of the greybeards such as right after your done meeting them.

@eugene thanks for telling me the speechcraft selling one i didn't know that.
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Why not boost sneak in the cave in helgen? You can boost destruction, one handed, two handed and block here too.You can also get stuff for free by stealing from the dawnstar and whiterun special chests, if you need money or supplies.
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hahahaha it took me a while to realize what was going on here.

I know i clicked on Skyrim board but i was just on Mortal Kombat's board. So i come on here reading Scorpion's grinding guide, and i'm like "What! you can level up your guy!"
Then I think and I am like "level 81 that sounds familiar." I then finally realized what happened.

Just though i would share that
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This was awesome man. Thanks for the post.
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Im gonna be that guy. Great another useless guide for vets >.>..
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