Is The Witcher 2 better than Skyrim

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4 years ago#1
i find skyrim shallow and static now and i know this is a skyrim board. but maybe someones played both
4 years ago#2
Troll obv troll

I thought I say it first before everyone else lol
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4 years ago#3
What did you find static about skyrim?
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4 years ago#4
I find this topic shallow and pedantic.
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4 years ago#5

From: eugene1222 | #004
I find this topic shallow and pedantic.

hmm... yes... shallow and pedantic.
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4 years ago#6
^ I concur shallow and pedantic.

Anyways I think the Witcher 2 is slightly better for one simple reason, pretty explicit sex scenes, they add a lot to the game (more immersion). In fact if those are removed from the 360 version I will breka my oath and buy the game for PC.

Honestly they expect me to believe my Nord Dragonbron doesnt want to tear up Jordis everytime he visits her in Solitude after weeks of adventuring ?
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4 years ago#7
i knew this would happen. i beat most the quests and the world suddenly feels really empty. im not a troll
4 years ago#8

Skyrim being shallow is common knowledge. It's a massive game, on the surface. But the fact that it's basically just a bunch of meaningless quests, turns a lot of people off. From what I hear The Witcher 2 is the exact opposite. It requires you to make choices that truly effect your play through.

I, personally, enjoy Skyrim. I don't mind either way if certain choices alter the playthrough or not. But if you're someone that does, chances are you will enjoy The Witcher 2 more than Skyrim.

4 years ago#9
Well, obviously people are going to think you're a troll if you give short sentences that don't back your opinion... Whether you want to be or not, you can be a troll.
4 years ago#10

I understand what you mean TC.


I never played The Witcher because my PC sucks ass but I can relate to Skyrim feeling shallow after sometime.

The game is amazing and it's waay better than Oblivion but Betheda still doesn't excel at creating a good atmosphere and immerse the player. That can only be done with complex characters and having a main character that really feels like part of the world, not a mute tourist that is detached from everything, and I understand that it must be very hard to create a game as massive as Skyrim and give all the npcs enough complexity to make the atmosphere better.




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