Irkngthand, Karliah, Brynjolf - No Shows - Glitch - (SPOILER)

#1AnniesTrekPosted 2/28/2012 1:39:33 PM
Did the quests leading up to this. My character is to meet Karliah & Brynjolk inside Irkngthand. I saved the game after getting to the Elevator to Irkngthand Arcanex, went to bed, and next day reloaded. I have the official strategy guide. Karliah & Brynjolk should have met me between the elevator and entry passage with a trap mace. They didn't. However, the quest showed they'd talked to me and were joining me in the cavern. So, I went all the way to Cavern C, teaming with very powerful Falmer and still a no show. I had to go back out to the exterior of Irknghand, because I kept being slaughtered. I left the area and returned 3-times to the exterior. Suddenly Karliah & Brynjolk appeared outside the main door. We talked, but they didn't go in. I went inside Irknghand 3-times, opening & closing doors, going up and down the elevator, hoping to trigger their appearance inside. No shows! Oddly, in Cavern A, there were 4 red dots showing enemies that I'd already slain and the enemies did not reappear.

I am on XBox 360 and want to complete the Nightingale quest. Anyone having the same glitch? Anyone figured out how to make Karliah and Brynjolk appear inside to help your main character fight through all the Falmer & sley Mercer Frey?
#2StockpileThomasPosted 2/28/2012 1:58:11 PM

Not heard of this glitch but i've had them get stuck further along, they have to appear later on so maybe if you push ahead they might appear as they should. Don't engage the Falmer sneak past them all and hopefully they should catch up and appear after a door. The Nightingale boots should make you completely silent, if not get a hold of the muffle spell too, or even better a enchant your own boots with muffle.