So... Skyrim has become a bit boring. Different game you like to play meanwhile?

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wow i expected more people talking about ME 3 but nope it's those JRPG and idiot fighting games

Blazblue > ME3

Disagree, you's wrong boy.

first as i may say , it's you're wrong not '' you's wrong '' and I may have different tastes than you as i hate most of the things that are Asian ( except Russian , they're awesome ) , they have been an annoyance in both Internet ( i can't go to 4chan without seeing a random hentai post showing up in /mlp/ , it's just ridiculous ) and in games they also been a real bad thing but i don't blame your choices , and in the next time you show up to somebody don't just say that they're games are bad just because you don't like them ok ?


My grammatical error was intentional and for the purpose of adding a slight sliver of humor to my post.

This appears to have been lost on you.

Now I'll take what's arguably (though I suppose anything is arguable) the best fighter to come out this gen, with an okay amount of balance (as good as it gets I suppose), diverse characters, an interesting plot (at least for a fighter), and deep mechanics over a shallow rpg with mediocre shooter gameplay any day.

I do suppose Mass Effect's plot is okay.
The fanbase sure as hell hated the ending though.

So I'll do as I like, ok?
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