free house in whiterun?

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4 years ago#1
how do i get the house free in whiterun i seen alot of posts about such but i dont know how to get it free
4 years ago#2
Not by making multiple topics about it.
And to answer your question, I think it involves buying the house, but quickly dropping all your gold before the game has time to remove it from your inventory.
But really, just use goolge, or the searchbar here before making a bunch of topics.
4 years ago#3
ya know i dont like too brag or nothin, but i was first too post the free whiterun house glitch on this board as well as the 1st dragon age shop trick where u quickly sell ur items twice. its disappointing that gamefaqs doesnt acknowledge the first posting of these things. i even sent them in but they never get posted till months later under someone elses credit. i know its petty, but it just be cool too see my nickname on the site forever :)
4 years ago#4
This can only be done for the whiterun house?
4 years ago#5
i havent messed with it in a long time, but all u do was complete a conversation where u agree too buy somthing but as soon as u do u quickly press b too exit the conversation and open the nearest drawer or anything and put in all ur gold then it cant be taken out of ur inventory cuz u dont have any. but u still get the key for the house. i assume it would work on any house or item u buy in this way. i just started using the blacksmith, enchant method too make tons of gold after awhile
4 years ago#6
Did someone page the King of Awesome?
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4 years ago#7
wait for the guy to go to bed.. hide behind his dresser but still be able to talk to him.. when positioned talk to him and buy the house as soon as you agree to the 5000 gold push B then open the dresser and put gold in there. get the key take out your gold
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