Ikshar shaman build

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3 years ago#1
If anyone remembers this class from champions return to arms, any ideas for a build? Like what skills I should use?
3 years ago#2
Just fyi it's Iksar, but that's just so you know going forward.

I did a Shadow Knight build that was fun through level 57, then got tired of grinding.

You're probably looking at the following primary focuses:

Light Armor
Destro - frost (although I used lightning on my shammy which was like an ele WOW build) Shammys had powerful DoTs and some would kite rather than focusing on DD spells IIRC
Conjuration (only for the wolf or a familiar for RP purposes)
Two hand blunt (we can only hope for spears down the road though)
and finally smithing if you don't think it will break your game, I would go with a banded-type armor or maybe orcish. I went with Daedric for the devilish look on my IKS SK but without the helmet since the horns weren't proportional.

Good luck!
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