So I haven't played this game since novemeber...some advice needed :)

#1cloud0123Posted 5/6/2012 7:27:01 PM
This game is awesome, I bought it for the 360 release day.

I'm glad to see the board still popular!

I enjoyed it, but then I got overwhelmed with stuff, school, GF etc. I also had like, WAY too many games that I just never ended up beating (dark souls as well), and this too went on the backshelf (especially because this game demands time).

Now I wanna get back into it, and I haven't updated since the second patch (the third patch caused lots of havoc). But I'm afraid of updating patch because I want to use some of the glitches found around the game.

So I have a few questions, what's new? Any new DLC?

The new patches, do they work well, ruin the game, or are there still lots of glitches? Do the textures finally look better?

Are there still cool glitches? I don't wanna cheat per-se, but it's nice once you beat the game and stuff to mess around. I was the one that found the glitch on Oblivion where you could permanently add CE effects that come from armor/rings/etc. That was fun to make your character godlike in certain stats :)


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Get the new patch, bug fixes and the added bow/magic kill cams will be included. If you have a Kinect, it is now voice funtional with Skyrim. For instance I can say "equip dual fire" and my fire spell is set to both hands, or equip bow/sword/warhammer and BAM it's equiped. There are about 20 more commands like this, so it's awesome and saves lots of time.
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That's pretty cool, any new glitches? =D
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