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3 years ago#1
Just out of curiosity are the Favorites listed in the statistics page of your journal actually your favorites or just your most used?

------------------------------------- Statistical Favorite --------------------------- Actual Favorite

Weapon:------------------------ Dragons Bane -------------------------------- Dragons Bane

Shout: --------------------------- Aura Whisper -------------------------------- Become Ethereal

Spell:------------------------------- Flames ------------------------------------------- Night Eye*

School of magic:--------------- Destruction---------------------------------------- Illusion

*While technically a power, still going to count it
I could be charming, I choose not to be. It makes people think you like them. Then when you stab them in the back they take it so personally.
3 years ago#2
wait.....................thares a favorite list?
3 years ago#3
------------------------------------- Statistical Favorite --------------------------- Actual Favorite

Weapon:------------------------ Ebony Sword -------------------------------- Ebony Sword

Shout: --------------------------- Unrelenting Force ----------------------------- Call Dragon

Spell:------------------------------- Clairvoyance ------------------------------------ Flaming Familiar

School of magic:--------------- Illusion ---------------------------------------- Conjuration
3 years ago#4
----------------------------------- Statistical Favorite ----------------------- Actual Favorite
Weapon:----------------------- Blade of Woe ------------------------------ Blade of Woe
Shout: -------------------------- Throw Voice ------------------------------- Throw Voice
Spell:---------------------------- Invisibility ----------------------------------- Invisibility
School of magic:-------------- Illusion -------------------------------------- Illusion

I think it's fairly obvious how I play this game most of the time.

EDIT: It goes by time used. If you use something a lot it's going to show that as your favourite.
3 years ago#5
Yes because the game can read your mind and tell which one is your favourite even if you dont use it.

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