Doesn't $20 seem a bit much?

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Well, TF2 is free and i got like 100 hours from that, shouldn't this be free???
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The Porsche DLC is a prime example of a rip off for $30. out of I think its 30 cars, only 7 of them are new to the franchise the rest were in Forza 3.

The Porsche DLC for Forza 4 had two price points. First, it wasn't $30, it was $20, and if you purchased the LE version of the game or the VIP DLC, it was $15.

However, I do really agree that it was overpriced, but I think EA is more to blame for that than anything else. In the end I bought it (had the LE) because I really love Porsche and I had gotten a free DLC pack so it was worth it to me.
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Dead Money is fantastic.

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.

Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

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New follower
New weapons
New armor
New questline
Vampire lord
Vampire skill tree
Lycantrophy tree
Craftable arrows
Dragonbone weapons
New mount
Huge new zone. (Soul Cairn)

Yeah... Not worth it at all.
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I bought the DLC because the castle home and vampire lord are perfect for my Count Orlok build.
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I think 1200 MSP would've been a better price, but the DLC is good enough to justify a little extra, I suppose.
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I agree TC, 20$ does seem too much to me. It's the cost of entire game and I would always rather go for a new game then add on content for another. Should have been 10$.
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Geist posted...
I agree TC, 20$ does seem too much to me. It's the cost of entire game and I would always rather go for a new game then add on content for another. Should have been 10$.

see, im the exact opposite. if there is a game i like, id much rather add content to it.

i wont comment on financials, because i have 0 insight into other people's monetary standing. im just happy to be in a position with a stable job where i can drop $20 and not worry too much about it.

i also havnt gotten a chance to sit down and play through DG yet, so i cant comment much on how worthwhile it is.

honestly, the only people who could give a really knowledgeable answer are the beta testers who have had a chance to get through all of the available content.
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DarkWolf31 posted...
readyaimfail posted...

dead rising is 6 hours
Dead rising 2 is six hours

Where the hell did you get this? Both of the Dead Rising games took me well over 12 hours.

Ummm. Both games are made up of 72 hour mode. In each game 2 real hours equal 24 hours. Both games are 6 hours. There's no stretching it or rushing in that game. SIX HOURS.
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HeartlessCharms posted...
Nah, It's not too much.
I'll just get it free by recovering a friends account .

I'm not supporting the devs since they want to price things so high.

People like you are scum. I bet you're the same type that will buy CoD map packs or stuff for your avatar lol.

I'm the type that doesn't buy DLC, pretty much ever. But expansions like Dawngaurd are worth the money, esp since it adds as much gameplay as you'll get from most $60 games anyway.
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