Undead mount summon

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3 years ago#1
Anyone figured out how to get the undead mount summon that patrols around the soul cairn yet?

The one that was seen riding in the dawnguard preview at E3.
3 years ago#2
You need to find the ghost who owns Arvak in the Soul Cairn. He should be right along the path that most people take while there. He'll ask you to save Arvak from his fate in the Soul Cairn. To do that, follow your quest marker to his skull, which will be guarded by several Bonemen. Retrieve the skull, bring it back to the owner, and he'll teach you the "Summon Arvak" spell.
3 years ago#3
While on a quest in the Soul Cairn you'll be approached by a soul who talks about the horse. You find the horse's skull and return it to his master and he teaches you the spell. It's a conjuration spell, not a power, so it can be used whenever, but it costs magicka.

Taken from a livestream I was watching earlier.
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3 years ago#4
Cheers guys.

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