How to get crossbow bolts if you want to side with the Vampires.

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It just seems silly that they'd add in the ability to smith arrows but not bolts.
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also *minor spoilers*

If you really want to have you cake and eat it too. Then there is a point during the dawnguard questline when you can become a vampire. Though I'm sure everyone knows that
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Well if you join the dawnguard and do some sidequests, you actually get the ability to craft bolts, along with the special ones. I'm pretty sure the normal bolts require the same materials as arrows, but I am not 100% positive.
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KirisDitex posted...
Krumpus299 posted...
Even without that "Recover more arrows" perk, you usually get about 5-8 Dwarven bolts per guard sphere

How long does it take them to respawn if I wanted to farm Dwarven Bolts from them later on?

However long it takes for dungeons to respawn, which is a month, iirc, but, that okay, because there's so many Dwemer ruins
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Can't you just craft them with the Steel Perk? Ab initio?
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Singularity_UK posted...
It just seems silly that they'd add in the ability to smith arrows but not bolts.

Um, you can smith the crossbows and their bolts, including the elemental ones. That breton woman at dawnguard castle teaches you how to make them after you do her quests.
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