If you could pay Bethesda to make your very own special DLC...

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namewitheld posted...
Not that i wantt it but I wouldnt be suprised if it came with the biggest DLC (2400-3200 MSP?):

Ability to turn into a dragon.

Thats right...curved swords.

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zerobobo posted...
something where you can create your own town.

i dunno add a big chunk to the map where theres a huge untamed wilderness with really dangerous and hard enemies. and you're tasked to created "the 10th hold" or something.

you clear out an area, you create a town, first it'll start as a tiny village, and slowly expand as you do quests, put more money into it, and recruit more specialists. eventually you get a big fortress city and you get named jarl.

stuff like securing a nearby mine with the help of your guards will increase the towns economy and better equip the guards. setting up a lumber mill will help your town grow better. investing enough into the towns infrastructure increases its population. if you don't keep it safe, people will leave. stuff like that.

also little details in it that could be fun if you've beaten the main quest, maybe odaviing will be perched up ontop of your castle when he's not being called whatever guilds you become the leader of might get a satellite guild hall with new members and quests. like a second mead hall for the companions. maybe a magic school for the college, a sleezy dive bar for the thieves guild, ect.

I came here to say something about upgradeable silver weapons and return of the dwemer, but then I read this.

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A tie in with Fallout. Either a prequel or a portal that brings aspects into the elder scrolls universe. With Fallout 4 you'd get the reverse.
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Dawndragon posted...
darkportal785 posted...
Dawndragon posted...
darkportal785 posted...
Dawndragon posted...
For Utility: Either making an Unlimited Blade Works type of Spell to use, Or summoning your own personal Castle. Seriously. Dropping your own personal castle on the head of whatever unfortunate enemy was standing in the wrong place.

Just Because: Reforming The Blades as a Companion Cavalry type of group, it's a similar type of idea as 'Ionian Hetarioi' (I'm not sure if I spelled that right) Rider's Noble Phantasm from Fate/Zero.


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A collection of Noble Phantasms to wield In-Game would be awesome... Maybe a Marble Phantasm for the PC crowd, as some kind of world editor.

I still maintain summoning Castle Brunestud on top of the enemy would be awesome. Perhaps summoning it so it hits Alduin.



*Adds this game to Steam Wishlist*

I saw something similar to that on a channel called Gamers Dissent iirc, Do you know if you can pick up one-handed blades in there, or is it a hill of two handed swords?

Either way, the mod is still awesome.

I believe there are indeed one-handed swords on the hill.


There's also a mod for Saber's outfit, idk if there is a Saber Alter or Saber Lily outfit though. I was surprised that there were even Fate mods for Skyrim.
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I like the idea of DLC that is the Sea Elves making an alliance with the Empire to fight the Aldmeri Dominion, but the DLC is the Dragonborn acting as envoy of the Empire (or, I guess, a free Skyrim & Hammerfell alliance? I dunno), going to Pyandonea and doing quests there and in Black Marsh (not the whole country, just a port city) and in the Imperial City, and the final quest is some epic battle.


A UGC (user generated content-- from InFamous 2) expansion that allows users on consoles to mod Skyrim with a sort of creation kit.
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I want to JOIN the Aldmeri dominion. Death to everything but me.
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I would want a planes of oblivion type DLC. I mean how cool would it be to travel across all the different planes including the shivering isles, moonshadow, and of course coldharbour. Just coldharbour for me would be amazing. Travel through Molag Bol's realm, rescuing his slaves, and just ruining his day. Plus the fact it's basically just all of Nirn only the post apocalypse version.
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Morrowind/Dunmer related stuff. Mainly I just want armor that suits my Dunmer, not a Dunmer who thinks he's a Nord.
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I would love an underwater city/village. Unarmed perks and a war between the daedras.
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Enable the Console function through USB keyboard or the chatpad peripheral, and the GECK/Construction Kit to make my own mods. I'd even accept mandatory disconnect from XBL when user mods were loaded.
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