Is it possible to become a vampire lord and werewolf hybrid at the same time?

#1BenjUK55Posted 7/5/2012 11:48:36 AM
If so, does anybody know the method or have a link to where to method can be explained?

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BenjUK55 posted...
If so, does anybody know the method or have a link to where to method can be explained?


It's been tested excessively, and;

it used to be possible to be a NORMAL vampire and werewolf, by curing your lycanthropy while wearing the Ring of Hircine, then becoming a vampire. This was patched.

It used to be possible to have Sanguine Vampiris during the ritual in the underforge and you'd become a hybrid. This is still possible, but becoming a Vampire Lord cures the lycanthropy half.

So to summarize, you can be a NORMAL vampire and werewold, but being a Vampire Lord and Werewolf is currently impossible.
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Cast_Supremacy's got it.

Also, note that being a hybrid is imperfect because you lose undead status every time you use your werewolf form, which means no Necromage bonus which is one of the biggest advantage of being a vampire, period. To get your undead status back, you'd have to go re-contract vampirism again, which was a hassle.

What I did was use a console command to put a "Moon Amulet" in my game with an enchantment that activates Beast Form upon equipping it; this works very well. Once again, after transforming, you lose your undead status and Necromage stops working, but using Vampire Lord gives you undead status again. When you lose undead status, you keep the vampire powers and the weakness to sunlight, but Necromage doesn't work and your features return to normal.

This is useful because anytime you want to cure your vampirism i.e. you want to go the Dawnguard side, you can "cure" yourself for as long as you want... or as I prefer to think of it, mask my true nature... (No need to run to Falion anytime you want to use the Ragged Flagon lady to change your vampire's looks, either.)

Only "downside" is that you have to remember not to wolf out in broad daylight outdoors because no stam regen sucks for werewolves.

If you extract pre-DG save game data and upload it to Mediafire or something I could console command the same thing into your file.
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