Is Dawnguard worth 20 bucks?

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  3. Is Dawnguard worth 20 bucks?
3 years ago#11
DogVolta posted...
At what level should I begin Dawnguard? I am level 16 right now, master difficulty, only put points into archery, stealth, and light armor.
I plan on becoming vampire.
What level to start? thanks

any level. You can go straight to it and start at level 1 if you know where to go. Or if you don't guards will start mentioning that the dawnguard are recruiting when you hit level 10
3 years ago#12
Yeah, I already got the triggered event after lvl 10.
I just vaguely remember reading somewhere that it behooves the player to wait until at least lvl 30 or something before doing Dawnguard, loot and all. But I could be wrong.
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  3. Is Dawnguard worth 20 bucks?

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