Question about Hearthfire.

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I know this has probably been asked a couple hundred thousand times, but I'm not in the mood to wade through the dozens of imbecilic "Iz hearthfire werth $5????!?!?!?" topics to find it. That said, can anybody tell me how much an average-sized house costs to build? And assuming they're not incredibly different from regular houses, how much they cost to furnish, as well?
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Most of the materials are free, you pay 5000 gold for the plot of land and then there is a stone quarry next to the land on one side and a clay mine on the other. You can go talk to Hod in Riverwood to get lumber, which you can pay 200 for a stack of 20 sawn logs, or do it yourself. The biggest issue is Glass, Straw, Goat Horns and Iron are all needed, which the former 3 can be bought relatively cheaply and the need tons of iron, I've gone through 300 iron ingots now. And you will need around....15 corundrum ingots I believe? But the cost is relatively. low overall if you have the patience to let your guy mine (wood at sawmills, stone at quarry and clay at mine are infinite if you do it yourself)
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Thank you. I guess those wood mills had a purpose from the very start, huh? I'm glad they didn't just put them in for the sake of putting them in.
Basically, the Double Barrel Shotgun is a Shotgun, but with two barrels. - Todd Howard
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No problem, good sir. And yes, they do, but you have to find the right person, Gerda at the Riverwood...the one you always see at the mill, won't sell you the lumber, but her lazy husband who never leaves the house (you literally have to go in their house, find him and demand he sell you lumber essentially) is the main salesman of their wares.
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I can't cut the logs yourself, gotta buy em, at least from what I've seen so far. The option to "cut them yourself" leads him to telling you he cant give his goods away.