Let's compile a list of all adoptable children and potential stewards

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Does anyone know how many kids you can adopt? I got two so far (Sofie the flower girl from Windhlem confirmed) and that fills the room in Whiterun. If I build and furnish the new homes, can I adopt two more? Or is two the maximum regardless of how many houses and space you have?

EDIT: Never mind, I just got a loading screen that says I can adopt up to two children. Guess I can't be Angelina after all. =(
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Adelaisa Vendicci - female Imperial who works for the East Empire Company (Windhelm).
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Potential Steward: Faendal (Wood Elf in Riverwood)

Bugged Steward: Marcurio (he will offer but then revert to dialogue offering to accompany you on missions and will not stay at the house)

Didn't get the dialogue with:
Stenvar (Windhelm mercenary who was married to one of my characters)
Vorstag (Markarth mercenary)

hope this helps some
(edit- didn't see the earlier post with Faendal, but as stands I hope the other data helps)
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Ria of the Companions is a potential steward (thought of course you have to finish the guild's questline first). I figured I'd put her to use since she's one of the few Companions who doesn't offer training. Plus, her "I killed a bear today" line works well in the forests of Falkreath Hold.
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POTENTIAL STEWARD: Uthgerd the Unbroken, Whiterun, have to brawl her first.
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Steward: Brelyna, the dark elf student in the College
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Velonese posted...
POTENTIAL STEWARD: Uthgerd the Unbroken, Whiterun, have to brawl her first.

Confirmed....shes my current steward
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How about Aranea? She is kind of out of a job, also Benor talks about how he is waiting for any kind of work to come up.
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Steward: Annekke Crag-Jumper you just have to complete the Kill bandit leader quest for her, which could be weird if you married her daughter