Let's compile a list of all adoptable children and potential stewards

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EmptyStar12 posted...
Once you adopt them they all ct the same and have the same generic dialogue as one-another.

It just comes to down to personal preference based on their pasts.

Oh booooooring...
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Thank God for TeamFourStar
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laurencium posted...
Anyone know if your two adopted kids will ever interact with each other? Or are they supposed to behave just like two independent kids who never speak to each other? That's what I'm getting now.

I just found Blaise arguing with Sofie. It was pretty cute. Even got the option to break up the fight, and send them to their room.
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deerkethus does not have the dialogue.
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readyaimfail posted...
deerkethus does not have the dialogue.

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Hrefna seems like an interesting choice!

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Ahtar, will not be a steward.
bad news.
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Bump once...
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....and twice, so I can post updated lists on the first posts of page 4 (display-50).