Let's compile a list of all adoptable children and potential stewards

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Is your house built at all? I'm pretty sure you have to at least break ground for them to comment on the house. And I'm pretty sure the basic lumber/stone/clay is enough to get at least small house
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This is everyone's contribution so far and is looking very good. Continue to add to the list!! =)

Confirmed YES:
Argis the Bulwark / Markarth housecarl
Calder / Windhelm housecarl
Iona / Riften housecarl
Jordis the Sword-Maiden / Solitude housecarl
Lydia / Whiterun housecarl
Rayya / Falkreath housecarl (dual-Scimitar-wielding female Redguard)
Faendel / Riverwood archer
Sven / Riverwood dude
Adelaisa Vendicci / Windhelm Imperial
Uthgerd the Unbroken / Whiterun brawler
Ria / Whiterun, Companion
Aela / Whiterun, Companion
Vilkas / Whiterun, Companion
Breylna / Winterhold College student
Onmund / Winterhold College student
Eola / Markarth cannibal
Annekke Crag-Jumper / Darkwater Crossing, Sylgja's mother
Ahtar / Solitude head-chopper
Roggi Knot-Beard / Kynesgrove miner
Illia / Darklight Tower mage

Confirmed NO:
Stenvar / Windhelm mercenary
Vorstag / Markarth mercenary
Jenassa / Whiterun mercenary
Farkas / Whiterun companion
J'Zargo / Noooooooo
Cicero / Dark Brotherhood Keeper
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ROT10RYAN posted...
How about Aranea? She is kind of out of a job, also Benor talks about how he is waiting for any kind of work to come up.

Aranea, of Azura's Quest?

I tried, however the dialogue option wasn't there.

Suggestion: Illia, (ILLia) Associated Quest: 'Repentance'

She seems like she may enjoy it, however the Glitch that strikes when you dismiss her may rear it's ugly head.
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Cast_Supremacy posted...
KokoropG posted...
Confirmed: Eola
... I hope she doesn't eat my kids.

Oh dear...

Well, my character and spouse are Vampires, she may be a good match...

You have a Vampire Spouse? Who?
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What about Athis, can he be hired as a steward?
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Does anyone know if Serana is a potential Steward?

What about Kharjo (The Khajiit follower that guards the Khajiit Caravan)
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While I'm at it, I just checked if I could hire Erandur as a steward, the option wasn't there so I guess he's confirmed to be in and "Confirmed NO" list.
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Y'know, if you completed all the testing for this and added a decent amount of info on the houses and their upgrades, then re-posted it all together, I'm sure you could get it stickied as a "Guide to Hearthfire" or something. I know I'd like to have the info available on the front page, and it would probably stem the flow of inane topics [My own included] asking for information on the subject.
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Did they add any non human or Breton children?
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Evangaline posted...
Did they add any non human or Breton children?

Among adoptable kids, Braith is a redguard, Francois Beaufort and Samuel are imperials, and Erith is a Breton. Every other adoptable child is a Nord.
Basically, the Double Barrel Shotgun is a Shotgun, but with two barrels. - Todd Howard