Just finished building house, but want to change west wing, how can i do that?

#1wahabwasimPosted 9/5/2012 11:20:52 AM
Just finished building house when downloaded Hearthfire, but i want to change my west wing of the house, how can i do that
can anyone help me?
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I would like to know if this is possible too. I built an alchemy wing and an enchanting wing before realizing that you can build both an alchemy table and an enchanting table without needing the wings of those types.
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i think once you build a wing you cannot change it. a friend told me that before i started hearthfire, so now im taking my time finishing up my main hall and cellar while i think and double check i want what i really want.
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Wall of Text! ready? GO!

If you don't mind starting the DLC over again you can loot all your stuff out of the house and save, go to dashboard delete/move hearthfire to USB drive and remove it(I do this instead of just deleting a DLC) restart Skyrim load game, Save, put Hearthfire back on HDD or just use the USB drive all the time, walk around really slow find something to put your crap into, go to the steward and re-buy the plot of land.

Try not to miss any ore, money and time that you wont get back. I hope this helped.

EDIT: Just remembered something I tried with Dawnguard before. if you load your game with out the DLC while inside a Building from it you end up in the Riverwood Inn, so you can just drop your stuff into something there for a little while.
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You don't.
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