NPC's not talking to me in Whiterun glitch

#1nihtwingPosted 9/12/2012 12:08:57 AM
A couple days ago I conjured a Daedric Bow and then went to Whiterun to Smith it and then Enchant it. After Smithing I went into Breezehome to put some things away and grab a potion or two. When I came out I would activate NPC's but they would not talk to me. I reloaded and did the same thing but went into another building instead and came out. After a moment or so, once again NPC's would not talk to me when activated.

Now for the weird day when I entered Whiterun I saved before doing anything there, and after entering and exiting buildings, I was able to talk to NPC's without issue. I wonder what would cause the NPC not talking issue? I posted this in "Answers" section but have not gotten any replies.