Want to change home layout in Hearthfire .. question about removing DLC

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4 years ago#1
I understand you cannot change the home layout in Hearthfire DLC, but what if I delete the DLC and reinstall it? I'd like to have a balcony/tower on the north end of my Lakeview Manor and I put the trophy room which does not have a balcony. I've put all my unique items/armor on weapon racks / mannequins and I was wondering if I remove everything and put them in one of my houses (Windhelm) can I reinstall Hearthfire without losing content? I've completed Dawnguard as well, so will I lose those items if I do that? I don't mind taking the hour or two to do this to have the great view, I'm just concerned I may lose my progress and items from Dawnguard or missions completed after originally building Lakeview Manor. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.
4 years ago#2
Does "Remodel house into Entryway" or whatever it is, not remodel the house into just the Entryway?
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4 years ago#3
That does not do anything, or at least to that extent. I'm concerned with the wings, not the entryway. My main issue is losing my unique armor/weapons, money, ect...
4 years ago#4
Anyone have a clue? Trying to get on top of this ASAP ... pretty much only thing left for me to do before new DLC comes out.
4 years ago#5
Hi. If you delete Hearthfire it won't affect anything to do with Dawnguard as they are separate DLCs. I'm pretty sure that if you want to remodel any Hearthfire house, the only way to do it is to delete and reinstall the DLC but then of course it won't be one house you redo but all three.
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4 years ago#6
Appreciate the feedback. I'm in the process of moving all my items to my Windhelm house, so I will keep you updated on the results. Any additional feedback, especially those who have attempted this, would be great. I'll post when completed with the transition.
4 years ago#7
Here's the update:

If you remove everything from your house and put it in a neutral location, preferably your existing house in one of the major cities, you can in fact delete the DLC and reinstall it once you save a game without the DLC stored. When you reinstall the DLC and load your game, you will be able to start from scratch and retrieve all items (unique or not) from you previous location. Yes, this is hassle, but there is in fact a way to remodel your house. The only things you do in fact lose, regardless of storing them in the proper location or not, is everything associated with Hearthfire. That means you lose your clay, stone, lumber, nails and all other building equipment. Hope this solves the question once and for all.
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